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Interior Architecture & Design

Spaces define the tenant, company or brand, from the small details to the overall look and feel. Interior architecture is a delicate craft, whereby LSK takes charge of structural transformations in both commercial and residential spaces. Spatial planning, as part of the design services, addresses the requirements of the space for human use – or for aesthetic purposes.


The interior design services by LSK create functional and beautiful spaces, based on the client requirements. This process includes defining a style, and then selecting the decorative items, furniture, materials, lighting and artwork to complement the space. 

Interior Makeover

For interior enhancements, within a budget, LSK can be commissioned to redo sections of the house, or a corner than needs an uplift. The Makeover service can entail furniture selection and redecoration, artwork assortments and room mood and color changes, to a complete remodeling of a room both online and in person.

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