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R02 | Mountain Residence

Type – Residential, Duplex

Location – Dahr El Sawan, Lebanon

Status – Design, 2021

This two-floor luxury duplex, is nestled in the serene mountains of Lebanon. Over the two vast floorplans, the brief was to create a luxurious and calm atmosphere, to serve as an escape from the bustling city life. The clients also wanted a modern and minimalistic feel on the groundfloor, which houses the living and dining areas, for hosting intimate soirees. 


In this regard, we assessed the two main volumes of the house, which were then cladded with porous travertine stone. The floor and walls were completed with cement and plaster finishing. The groundfloor living area and spaces were designed with a modern feel, with hints of elegance throughout. 


The bathrooms were designed to channel a luxurious modern spa feel. To achieve this, we opted to use brushed brass elements, accent walls and sinks made of marble. 


On the other hand, the bedrooms were designed to serve as cozy and modern spaces, therefore warmer and earthy materials such as wood, were used. The same feel was extended into the top floor spaces, used by the family to gather, relax and unwind.

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