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BECO Capital

Type – Commercial, Office

Location – Dubai, UAE

As a leading VC company in the Middle East, this company opened its new headquarters in Dubai to showcase its strength and relay its corporate identity. 

Aligned with the brand identity, we opted for a clean and minimal interior architectural setup and design. The client requested to keep the space airy, with a hint of industrial elements. In the designs, we used greys and concrete texture walls throughout the office, and implemented hints of the brand’s colors in the private areas and kitchenette.


In terms of spatial design, the offices of the managing directors were placed at the back of the workspace for greater privacy. Situated right next to the three offices is a lounge area. Open workstations were placed in the center of the space, between two glass meeting rooms. The extra element that was added is a switchable glass film that provides privacy for the meeting rooms when needed. The board room serves as a multifunctional space that is concealed behind a white sliding door – offering a private space for events, screenings, workshops and meetings. 

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