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HFA Consultancy

Type – Commercial, Office

Location – Dubai, UAE

A high end luxury consultancy based in the GCC, with offices in the Dubai Design District (D3) called for a multifunctional, yet aesthetically pleasing space. The office space is intended for use as a showroom, meeting venue for clients and include offices. 

Seeing that the space is limited in size, we integrated ample storage spaces, utilizing every inch possible. In this regard, we lined all the walls throughout the space with closets, cabinets and display units.

As part of the interior design, we factored in two units which separate the client meeting areas and showroom, from the office space, with floating brass shelves.

In an effort to keep the focus on the products themselves, the colors of the space were kept in nude hues, yet there was a play with textures, combining both glossy and matte surfaces. 

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